Host Country: Poland

$3,000 to support the first in a two-year series of dance workshops in Poland in collaboration with the Silesian dance Theater. The workshops will culminate in the creation and performance of a work using dance and storytelling to explore the rich, complex history of Jewish life in Poland with artists and other residents of different Polish towns. these workshops are an outgrowth of work Risa Jaroslkaw and the Silesian dance Theater undertook with Artslink 1994 funding.

Host Country: Bulgaria

$5,000 to support the collaboration between Rosalie Jones' daystar Dance Company and Jorjana Sechanova of Arabesque Company in Sofia, Bulgaria. The two choreographers will work with members of both companies to explore the rhythms, steps, and spatial forms of traditional Bulgarian and Native American dance to create a new work for mutual performance. The work will address the shared history of ancient ritual, mask, and dance, the eras of oppression, and the resolution in survival as experience by both cultures. The premiere will be accompanied by a panel discussion about the cultural and artistic implications of the collaborative piece.

Host Country: Uzbekistan

$2,000 to support the continution of a collaboration between choreographer Carolyn Krueger and Vilayat Akilova, a specialist in Bukharan folklore style dance, that will take place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. They will complete at least three dances emphasizing the Bukharan Folkloric style but will also include work on an historic choreography to popular music. An additional component of this project will be Ms. Krueger's documentation of Mme. Vilayat's professional career and family heritage as it relates to Uzbek theatrical dance in general and the Bukharian tradition in particular. Mme. Vilayat's father was the People's Artist of the USSR and her grandmother was a professional dancer for the Emir of Bukhara. The collaboration is an outgrowth of 1993 Artslink funding to collaborate with Uzbek and Tajik dance and music master teachers.

Host Country: Hungary

$2,000 to support teacher and Limon dance reconstructor Risa Steinberg's work with members of the emerging modern dance community in Budapest. Her collaborator Gyorgy Szabo, Hungary's leading modern dance presenter formed Workshop Foundation in 1992 to address the lack of a modern dance aesthetic and the lack of training in modern dance techniques. Ms. Steinberg will work with twenty-eight young professional dancers, teaching the Limon style and rehearsing with them to perform a major Limon work.

Host Country: Lithuania

$2,000 to support Tamar Rogoff's collaboration with Lithuanian actors, dancers, and a composer to create and perform a unique dance piece, Distillations VI, which merges live action and video. During live performances a large video projection will reflect and magnify details captured by the camera during rehearsals. Ms. Rogoff will work with eight performers including Dalia Micheleviciute, a 1995 ArtsLink Fellow, to create a piece that is to be revelatory by exposing the inner workings of relationships, and how relationships play out through the face and body. The cast also features Lithuanian performers whom Ms. Rogoff met when she worked in Central/Eastern Europe with Artslink funding.

Host Country: Czech Republic

$4,500 to support the continuation of a collaboration between choreographer and performer Cathy Weis and video artist Mikhail Bielicky in Prague. The two artists have been working together over the internet mixing live video images of performers with real performance in front of audiences. This grant will enable them to work together in the same physical place with live performers and both live and pre-recorded images to coordinate timing and discuss ways of using the technology to further their artistic efforts individually and collaboratively. In Prague they will work together to explore the concept of Sabbath in the Czech Republic and in New York, utilizing their common Jewish heritage as a starting point. The work will be performed in December 1996 at the Kitchen in New York.


Host Country: Yugoslavia
$4,000 to support the production of an anthology of artworks, essays, literary works, and poetry created during the war (1990-950 in the former Yugoslavia by artists and writers living in the war zone. The core of the book, tentatively titled Balkan Autopsy, will be work of Sarajevian writers and poets - mostly diary entries and poems by Croat, Muslim, and Serb writers. These works will be contextualized through essays by such writers as dissident politician Vuk Draskovich or novelist Miodrag Bulatovic, that analyze the antagonisms of the different groups that live in the former Yugoslavia. Csaba Polony and Balint Szombathy will collaborate to design and edit the book and Mr. Polony will translate the works into English.

Host Country: Russia

$5,000 to support a sixty minute video adaptation of Gogol's Dead Souls in collaboration with costume designer/performance artist Petlura. Film/video artist Tony Pemberton will shoot the video in Moscow and the Russian countryside, combining present times stylistically and politically with the future and the past. Petlura's portrayal of the main character will merge the fiction with reality as he drives around in his old Russian car picking up lost souls who will build an anarchistic artistic community outside of politics. In fact, these actors are artists from the community that lived, performed, and exhibited in Petlura's squat during the fall of communism. The video will, at times, include, dialogue and stories collected from the actors and collaborators.

Host Country: Czech Republic

$6,000 to support the creation of a short film and photographic essay that examines the nature of joke-telling by Jewish and Yugoslav war survivors in diaspora communities in the Czech Republic. Jenny Perlin and Sarah Jane Lapp will work with the concept that joke telling - exposing the irony and paradoxes of life in diaspora - can provide the anguished a venue to dicsuss that which is too difficult to mention in other contexts. The artists will work with a graphic designer, photographers, a sound engineer, a cinematographer, and a theater director and art historian in Prague to research and record the survivor's tales and to produce the film and photo record.

Host Country: Czech Republic

$4,500 to enable composers Michael Gordon, David Lang, and Julia Wolfe to travel to Slovakia and the Czech Republic to present lecture-demonstrations about their work and about the contemporary American music scene in general. The Bang on a can All-Stars will perform at the Agon Marathon in Prague and for the Evenings of New Music program in Bratislava developed in part by Olga Smetanova, 1995 ArtsLink fellow. The lectures are planned especially for young composers and the performances are geared towards developing a new younger audience. this experience will continue a strong history of Bang on a Can's involvement in musical exchange with Central and Eastern Europe.

Host Country: Czech Republic

$1,520 to facilitate a residency for musician Michael DeLia to conduct workshops with students and faculty at FaVU VUT in Brno, Czech Republic. The workshops will explore the line between sculpture and sound in order to expand traditional ideas about what constitutes a musical instrument in terms of its visual form and musical capabilities. During the semester students will create sculptural instruments, and the collaboration will culminate in a performance and exhibition of the musical instruments created during the workshops.

Host Country: Yugoslavia

$3,500 to support the realization and performance of Goode's composition Eight Thrushes, Accordian and Bagpipe in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. This work was conceived to highlight the connections and differences between the music of the Balkans and the melodic songs of birds inhabiting the area. Goode will transcribe audiotapes of thrushes at half-speed and at two octaves below the bird's range to create a composition to be played on bagpipe and accordion. Local musicians will perform the piece in semi-darkness, moving throughout the concert space to reflect the movement of the birds from place to place. Mr. Goode has also organized an open discussion with the public, students, and professors of music at the Academy of Music of Belgrade about the relationship between environmental sounds, folk music, and academic music.

Host Country: Romania

$4,000 to support the creation of large-scale photographs which will be used as part of the stage set for Mircea Eliade's play about Brancusi, The Endless Column, at the Romanian-American Theater in Bucharest. The photographs document Alexa's and Marcoci's artistic interventions on Brancusi's public sculptures, the Tirgu jiu ensemle (1937-38). Through these interventions Alexa and Marcoci strive to refocus people's attention on sometimes overlooked public monuments. This unique opportunity for them to work with a theater will enhance the performative aspect of their work and spark cross-disciplinary dialogue amongst audiences. In addition, the artists will participate in public lectures in conjunction with the play and at the Romanian Cultural Center in New York.

Host: Country: Czech Republic

$2,500 to support the collaboration between director Nancy Bishop and Kaspar Theatre of Prague to work on a two-part production of Brian Friel's Translations. One production of the play performed in Czech will be directed by Kaspar's artistic director Jacub Spalek and a second, in English, will be directed by Nancy Bishop. The two directors will work collaboratively to develop and execute a common vision of the play. The Czech production will feature exclusively Czech actors from the Kaspar ensemble, and the English production will feature some Kaspar Czech actors along with Western actors who have been collaborating with the Kaspar ensemble.

Host Country: Bulgaria

$5,500 to enable four members of the Double Edge Theater ensemble to work with New Forms Theatre Strich and its Artistic Director Petar Todorov (a former ArtslLink fellow) in Bulgaria. The ensemble will have the opportunity to expand their project Republic of Dreams to Bulgaria. Accompanied by Theatre Shtrich, the ensemble will gather material through interviews with members of the Jewish community in Sofia, Bourgas, Sozopol, and several outlying smaller towns and villages. They will also hold musical gatherings/exchanges in which both the ensemble's and the audience's music will be performed. Afterwards the ensemble will hold a ten day work session with Theatre Shtrich which will include theatre training based on the methodology of the Double Edge Theatre ensemble.

Host Country: Macedonia

$2,000 to support the writing and performance of a play to be co-written by Karma Ibsen and Bogomil Gjuzil in Skopje, Macedonia. The play portrays nine years of an intercultural friendship between two women against the backdrop of dramatic political, cultural, economic, and domestic change in the Balkans and in the United States of America. After researching the history and culture of the region and drafting ideas for content and plot structure with Mr. Gjuzil for several months, Ms. Ibsen will travel to Skopje to edit and rewrite in person with Mr. Gjuzil. The play will premiere at the Dramaski Theatre and will be performed at different venues in Macedonian and English in 1997.

Host Country: Russia

$4,200 to enable writer and desginer Ilmar Karuso to complete work on a contemporary opera in St.Petersburg, Russia, with composer Alexander knaifel. Drawing from minimal, non-realistic theatre and its subsequent influence on the Russian Constructivists, the Futurists, and Schlemmer's emblematic deconstruction of form into geometric shapes, Mr. Karuso and Mr. Knaifel will create a production in which the staging and music will be given equal weight. The stage

Host Country: Poland

$5,200 to support the collaboration between Live from the Edge Theater, a fledging theater in the South Bronx, and Teatr Polski in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Live from the Edge was conceived by artistic director Stepehen Sapp for the local community, which is one of the poorest in the city and largerly black and Hispanic. Mr.Sapp and a small troupe will collaborate with Wieslaw Gorski, artistic director of Teatr Poslki, to rehearse and perform Ubu Enchained, the third in Alfred Jarry's trilogy. The production will intertwine both theater troupes combining not only English and Polish languages but also black and Hispanic US artists with Polish artists.

Host Country: Bosnia

$5,500 to support .the continuation of River Arts Repertory Company's Children of War Theater Project through collaboration with the young playwright Jasmila Zbanic in Bosnia. This theater piece is based on stories collected from survivors of ethnic conflict in the belief that theater can be used as a vehicle for young people's voices to come to the foreground, inspiring compassion and social change. Ms. Zbanic is currently working with refugees in camps in Tuzla and has become deeply interested in learning to use storytelling and dramatic techniques to reach these young people who have been traumatized by the violence in their country. Two performers who will participate are Danny Hoch, who has been working with adolescents in prisons and schools, and Yolanda King, whose performances celebrate the life and philosophy of her father Martin Luther King, Jr.

Host Country: Hungary

$1,900 to support Lisa Schlesinger's travel to Hungary to attend the opening of her play The Bones of Danny Winston at the Geza Gardonyi Szinhaz Theatre in Eager, Hungary and to present lectures and workshops in several cities throughout Hungary. This play about two runaway kids seeking the ever-elusive "American Dream" was very well received at the Hungarian National Forum in 1994, and now Ms. Schlesinger will have the opportunity to work with producer Laszlo Gali to further develop the play with Hungarian cast. Ms. Schlesinger plans to add to the ongoing discussion about women and playwriting through lectures and informal discussions.


Host Country: Russia

$4,300 to enable muralist Susan Cervantes to conduct a community mural workshop with artists of the Moscow Metropolyi Mural Center and their local community. She will introduce the mural-making process and also present a slide discussion on the contemporary community mural movement. Over the course of a month she will create a new mural in Moscow with artists and people who live near mural site. Cervantes will collaborate specifically with Russian mural artist Sasha Fomina who will secure a public wall for the project.


Host Country: Poland

$3,500 to support collaboration between Ms. Dutka and several Polish printmakers in Krakow. The project will take shape either through each artist creating an image in response to a theme o by combining and printing two different artists' images onto one paper or format. Themes will be decided upon jointly, and artists will draw on an aspect of Polish culture that resonates with the group. During the six-week residency, Ms. Dutka will also visit artists' studios and make plans for a print portfolio exchange amongst the artists or a group exhibition in the United States.


Host Country: Albania

$2,403 to support a cross-disciplinary collaboration between photographer Martha Grenon and Albanian writer Robert Martikos. The two artists will produce a photo-documentary essay depicting the life of a family during and after the Hoxha regime, known as the most severe communist dictatorship in Eastern Europe. at the heart of the project will be the photo documentation of Mr. Martikos' journey to fulfill his father's dying with to be buried in his native village of Shen Vasi, Albania. Ms. Grenon's black and white photographers will be coupled with Mr. Martikos' writings that he has compiled secretly over the past 15 years. Their work together will result in hand-made, limited edition book, as well as an exhibition in the U.S. and in Albania.


Host Country: Czech Republic

$4,000 to support sculptor Thomas Kotik to create an installation in a space created by architecture students under the direction of architect and professor Martin Rajnis at Umleckoprumeslova Skola in Prague. Mr.Kotik's work is based on geometric and architectural issues involving light, reflection, and space. He will work with Mr. Rajnis and his students to select either an existing exterior space which will be transformed or a new interior space that will be created by building walls and installing new lighting fixtures or windows. A brochure to document the installation and a lecture for the students is also being planned.


Host Country: Ukraine

$4,650 to support the th creation of a photographic portrait of the rural community of Kryvorivnya in Western Ukraine. Ms. Suchy is very concerned with the process of photographing people. Because her large format 8x10-inch works very slowly, the creation of the portrait requires patience and cooperation from those on both sides of the lens and provides an opportunity to exchange thoughts and stories. Her approach is not based on distanced observation but instead provides a meeting point between the photographer and the people in the community. Because Ms. Suchy is a first generation Ukrainina-American, her photographs are an exploration of her own heritage as well as an examination of the social and individual identities of her subjects. She will arrange the individual photographs into a composite portrait and present them as a coherent whole through an exhibition or slide presentation in the village.