Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than one artist apply per application?
Certainly! You should include a résumé (or bio) and work samples for each person planning to travel to the US in connection with the project. (Back to Top)

Can I apply to work with more than one organization?
Absolutely. Although only one letter of invitation is required, collaborations with more than one partner are welcome. (Back to Top)

Are faculty members at colleges and universities eligible to apply?
Yes; however, projects focusing solely on academic research projects are not eligible for funding. (Back to Top)

Can an applicant submit multiple ArtsLink Indpendent Projects applications per year?
No. (Back to Top)

How will my application be evaluated?
Applications are reviewed by a panel of US arts professionals. The selection panel meets 8-10 weeks after the application deadline. Applications are evaluated according to the review criteria in the guidelines. (Back to Top)

How much of my work sample will be seen or heard by the panel?
Generally, panelists spend three to five minutes reviewing each set of work samples. Since many applications must be reviewed over a short period of time, it is important to choose your work samples carefully. Video clips should be limited to the most relevant segments, and/or specific time cues should be provided in your work sample descriptions. (Back to Top)

What information should I send about my colleague in the US?
You must send a resume or organizational description. You should also send a work sample, in the case of an individual artist, or, in the case of organizations, catalogues or brochures. (Back to Top)

What if I don’t have a letter of invitation?
Applications that do not include a letter of invitation are ineligible. For those who do not have a letter of invitation, consider applying to the ArtsLink Residencies program. The letter from your US partner may be mailed separately to CEC ArtsLink, but it must be postmarked on or before the application deadline of December 1st, 2011. (Back to Top)

Can you help me find a US partner?
CEC ArtsLink is not responsible for finding partners for ArtsLink Independent Projects applicants, though in some cases, our contacts in the US may be useful to a certain project’s needs. Please feel free to browse previous ArtsLink Projects Awardees or our list of former Residencies hosts. (Back to Top)

What project costs can be funded by an ArtsLink Independent Projects grant?
Project costs can include, but are not limited to, international travel originating in your home country, travel within the US, visa fees, lodging, meals, project supplies, presentation venues, and modest event publicity, administrative support and artist fees. ArtsLink Independent Projects are not intended to be used for institutional support. This award cannot fund international travel for your US partner(s). For these expenses, they may consider applying for an ArtsLink Projects award.

Please do not include items in your budget for elements of your project that are not relevant to the Independent Projects grant (i.e. post-production, international travel for US collaborators, project expenses for work that has already been completed). This creates unnecessary confusion during the review process. (Back to Top)

Can artist fees be included in the budget?
Yes, however panels tend to look favorably on projects that include artist fees not more than 10% of the total project budget. (Back to Top)

What does “in-kind support” mean?
In-kind support refers to goods or services that have been donated. Please indicate estimated value of in-kind support (e.g. housing, venue, equipment, artist fees, staff time) in your budget. (Back to Top)

How specific should I be in the budget describing other sources of income?
The name of each grant or in-kind donation should be specifically listed along with an estimated or exact value for each entry. If the funds have been confirmed or already received, that item should be noted with an asterisk (*). (Back to Top)

What if I have applied for other grants but have not received confirmation by the ArtsLink application deadline?
This information can sometimes determine whether a grant is awarded, so please contact ArtsLink staff as soon as you receive confirmation of a grant you have listed on your application. If the panel has not yet convened, this information will be updated on your application. (Back to Top)

Is it important to have other sources of funding listed in the project budget?
This often depends upon the size and scope of the project. All project expenses should be accounted for in your budget with an equal allocation of projected funding (i.e. your amount requested plus other resources should equal project expenses). (Back to Top)

When and how will I be notified of the panel’s decision?
Written notification will be sent to applicants by the end of March. (Back to Top)