Gabriela Tudor Memorial Exchange Program

The Gabriela Tudor Memorial Exchange Program is an initiative of the Gabriela Tudor Foundation and CEC ArtsLink, aiming to strengthen cultural exchange and collaboration between managers and artists from Romania and the United States. Created with the financial support of the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York and Bucharest and the Trust for Mutual Understanding, the fellowhip program is dedicated to the memory of Gabrela Tudor, who contributed immeasurably to the development of a livelier and more international Romanian art scene.

The Gabriela Tudor Fellowship in the US is open to mid-career Romanian arts managers from all artistic disciplines. The 2010 Fellow from Romania is Irina Cios, director of The International Center for Contemporary Arts (ICCA) in Bucharest. The six-week residency takes place in the US from mid October to the end of November as part of the ArtsLink Residencies program. The US residency offers the opportunity to establish a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas with US artists, arts groups and academic institutions.

The program includes a reciprocal residency in Romania for a US dance manager. The 2010 US Fellow is Thomas Benjamin Snapp Pryor, an independent arts manager, producer and curator operating under the moniker tbspMGMT. His current projects include working with Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People, Trajal Harrell, luciana achugar, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Yvonne Meier and Wally Cardona. Pryor is also the producer and curator for American Realness, an annual festival of contemporary performance in New York City. The residency in Romania takes place in September 2010 and is organized by The Gabriela Tudor Foundation.