The ArtsLink Project Awards have been suspended for the year of 2018. Please, standby for updates.

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If you have questions that are not answered in the application instructions, the below guidelines, or on the Frequently Asked Questions page, please contact ArtsLink Awards staff at


Guidelines for Applications

Students, administrators, critics, and amateur groups are not eligible to apply. Projects focusing solely on research and film/video post-production are not eligible. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Past ArtsLink Projects awardees who have not submitted a final report are not eligible.

Important Information
Artists who propose solo exhibitions or performances can be supported by ArtsLink only if the exhibition or performacne is a component of a more comprehensive proposed project. ArtsLink Projects are not intended simply to tour artworks overseas or to present existing work in new sites unless as part of a group presentation with international curatorial significance. Panelists will evaluate the quality of the project by assessing the potential for interactive dialogue.

Eligible Countries
Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Palestine, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

The selection process is extremely competitive. Applicants should anticipate a highly rigorous review of their work and should demonstrate compelling reasons for wanting to work in the selected country. All ArtsLink applications will be evaluated by an independent peer review panel based on the following review criteria:

  • Artistic excellence and merit of the applicant's work;
  • Quality and feasibility of project plan;
  • Potential for interactive dialogue and benefit of proposed project to both US applicant and overseas participants;
  • Project's potential to bring the benefit of the cross-cultural exchange to other artists or audiences in both the US and the international participant's country.

Award Amounts
ArtsLink Projects awards will generally range from $2,500 to $10,000 depending on the project budget. Awards will seldom cover the applicant's total project expenses.

A completed ArtsLink Projects online application form.
2. A short summary of a project (no more than 100 words) and a full project description (no more than 500 words) including a timeline for project planning and implementation.

3. Answers to the following questions:
a. How does this project relate to your personal artistic vision, your creative or professional goals, and/or to your organization’s mission? Why do you want to work with this partner, and why at this time? (limit 300 words)

b. Describe your overseas partner’s role in the proposed project. How will the project benefit that individual or organization? How will the project benefit audiences overseas or in the US? (limit 300 words)

c. Working within societies in transition can present unique logistical and cross-cultural challenges. How will you deal with them? Please include information on how you will address language differences. What prior experience, if any, do you have in the country or countries where your project will take place? (limit 300 words).

d. What resources are necessary to your work in the host country, and how will you gain access to them? (limit 300 words).

e. Please describe any planned activities related to the project that involve other artists and audiences abroad and/or at home. (limit 300 words)

4. A letter of invitation (in English or with a translation) from an artist or organization in the host overseas country or region describing their participation in the project (one-page PDF document).
5. Submit your resume (no more than 500 words) and CV's/resumes for up to three primary US participants, who will be traveling (no more than 300 words). Please submit only ONE page pdf document per each participant!
6. Submit a CV or organizational description for your international colleague(s) (one-page PDF document)
7. If you are applying as an organization please submit organizational description (one-page PDF document) and one copy of the 501 (c) 3 tax exemption ruling (one-page PDF document).

These documents must be submitted in online application.

8. For artists – Submit one set of work samples with descriptions.
For curators – Submit a curatorial statement and documentation of past curatorial projects. If you are proposing to curate a show, submit work samples from the artists involved.

9. Budget Form 
You will be asked to upload the completed Project Budget Form (download here) when you fill out the application.

Incomplete applications are subject to rejection.

Applicants are advised to submit recent quality work samples. Please follow carefully the instructions for submitted work samples in the application. Applicants should make sure their work is properly labeled and that all work samples are fully and succinctly described. Applications that do not include required materials will not be considered.


Important Information
You are required to submit work samples, which are a critical part of your application. Because of the limited time available for the review panel, you are encouraged to prepare a well-organized presentation that exhibits your work in the best possible light.

Work samples should be recent ( no more than 5 years old ), preferably of work that is technically or conceptually relevant to your proposed project. Work samples in a language other than English must be accompanied by a synopsis or translation.

You can upload your work samples while completing the online application form. Please include the following information about each sample: title, date, medium, dimensions/duration, your role and short description (no more than 4 sentences). List the work samples in the order in which you would like to have them viewed.

For large files, please, use Internet services capable to transfer large-sized data, like Dropbox or WeTransfer. You also may submit link to your video or audio files on YouTube, Soundcloud or Vimeo. Only files submitted via Internet services must be accompanied by a Work Sample Sheet (download here). Samples submitted without proper descriptions will be subject to rejection.

Please label your materials with your full name as it appears on your application.

Artists applying as a group should submit separate work samples from each participant. You must limit the number of work samples per artist (e.g. only 6 images, one video or audio sample) and you must indicate order in which samples should be seen. If possible, work samples with their descriptions from your international colleague(s) should be submitted to allow the panel to fully evaluate the artistic quality of your project.

Submit up to ten images in JPEG format. If you submit more than ten images, only the first ten will be reviewed by the panel. If more than one artist applies, submit no more than six images per person. Label each image with your name. Number each image in the order you would like them to be shown. Submit the following information for each image:
- The file name should be in the following format: ##_LastName_Title (e.g. 01_Smith_Untitled 1, 02_Smith_Untitled 2, etc.).
- Each image file should be no larger than 2 MB.
- Submit individual image files only – no PowerPoint, PDF or Keynote presentations.

Two different 3-5 minute video samples or two to three different audio tracks.
- Video files should be in MOV, AVI, MPEG, MP4 or FLV format for viewing on a PC.
- Label each digital file as follows: 01_LastName_Title.ext (e.g. 01_Smith_UntitledSonata3.mp3).
- The maximum file size for uploaded video or audio files is 10MB. (For larger file size, please, use Internet services capable to transfer large files, like Dropbox or WeTransfer, You also may submit link to your video or audio files on YouTube, Soundcloud or Vimeo).
- For longer pieces, note the time cues for the segment that best represents the entire work.
- DO NOT submit edited video compilations or montages. Promotional recordings or artist interviews are not acceptable.
- For documentation of performances, we strongly recommend you submit video or audio recordings, but you may submit up to 10 JPEG images and/or performance programs if a video or audio recording is unavailable.

For curators
Submit a curatorial statement and documentation of past curatorial projects in PDF format. If you are proposing to curate a show, submit work samples from the artists involved (see information above).

At the conclusion of the project, each awardee will be required to submit a report with digital documentation that discusses the work accomplished and its impact on his or her professional development.

Application Deadline and Notification
The ArtsLink Project Awards have been suspended for the year of 2018. Please, standby for updates.