October 27, 2016

Dear Friends, Supporters and Participants:

I write here today to express my pleasure in your interest in CEC ArtsLink and to encourage you to help with a financial contribution.  As you may now know, CEC ArtsLink is a unique non-profit organization that produces international projects and helps supports artists to work internationally. We have seen that this work establishes strong international ties while enhancing the significance of the resulting creative products. Gifts from individuals have helped us achieve our goal of enlarging the geographic region with which we engage. However, while we continue to develop our new connections and reputation in the Eastern Mediterranean, we must maintain our strong partnerships with artists and organizations in Eastern and Central Europe, Central Asia, Russia and the Caucasus. This requires time, energy and, of course, money.

Among our recent successes I am happy to report that the 5th interation of the international public art festival Art Prospect in St. Petersburg has been a great success. The U.S. tour of Bandistan, the brilliant ensemble of young Central Asian musicians drew delighted crowds at Asia Society, the Metropolitan Museum and Pioneer Works when they toured in July. We have published, together with CUNY Graduate Center’s Segal Center a small and elegant book of three poems written by 2015 ArtsLink Fellow Liwaa Yazji (Syria). Finally, the cohort of Fellows from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, and Turkey has embarked on six-week Residencies at major arts institutions in eight U.S. states.

CEC ArtsLink’s long history of international exchange is only possible with the support of you and other like-minded individuals. Your fully tax deductible contribution is spent efficiently: a full 95% of our budget goes to programs. Please help us keep the arts strong and the welcome mat for international artists firmly in place!

With best wishes,

Fritzie Brown
Executive Director